Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Worked with a little bit of white today (image entitled smalldetail1), but more importantly I finished working with that lovely shade of grey. That came about for two reasons - firstly these are (nearly) all the symbols of this shade on the gobelin and secondly (and may I add more importantly and more annoyingly) I ran out of thread!!! I only have one symbol of this shade of grey to do, yet I do not have a thread for it. You can see that on the image (entitled smalldetail2). I now have to work on all the other symbols, fill them in, see what shade of grey I have left and try and use the one that is the closest match. Not ideal, but this will have to be the case. At least, when the gobelin is finished and I look at it I can always see if this is the one I created - as it will always have this quirky side to it that no one else's (who fully followed the pattern) will. As they say:
 When life gives you lemonsmake lemonade!!!

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